Over the next several pages, I’d like to share a series of seven articles I call “Where Are You Looking?” They describe common types of worldviews that have an enormous impact on our lives. I have tried to present these worldviews using my practico-philosophical and totally ignorant style. To influence your speed of understanding (and probably increase your level of confusion), I have used lots of inappropriate metaphors, too.

Each article describes a different worldview, with the help of a representative personage. Here is our starting lineup:

  1. The Visionary (Dreamer)
  2. The Scientist (Thomas)
  3. The Opportunist (Garret)
  4. The Journalist
  5. The Believer (The Pope)
  6. The Historian
  7. The Holism Believer (Sri Humana)

We shall see each of these characters in his own role, looking where he is supposed to look (as he thinks).

You do not understand me? Just read on.

How hard is it, being cross-eyed?

To be continued…